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Award season

Oh dear lord…I just saw a commercial for some award show airing this weekend. That can only mean one thing…invasion, no wait…it can only mean it’s that time of year when Hollywood starts the 38 separate “Yay Me” shows. I suppose The Academy Awards can be entertaining if there is a good fearless host (John Stewart, Chris Rock). Then there’s that other less formal affair (Golden Globes?) with the relaxed atmosphere where somebody is usually drunk and does terrible damage to their careers. After that it’s a long drop to several others I can’t recall the name of…ending with the pièce de rèsistance…The Southeast Regional Assistant to the Head Key Grip Pot-Luck. Listen…you’re all very beautiful and talented…we get it. I refuse to sit and watch this self-aggrandizing, pedestrian..wait is that Scarlett Johansson at the podium? Is that top even legal on network TV? Ok I’m all in.

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