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I have always been very fasinated with the whole JFK assassination. Oliver Stone’s movie JFK? Every word is absolutely true. No WAY it was one man. If you can’t believe a Hollywood director who can you believe? Those guys have connections.

At any rate, looks like “they” are trying to sell the window where the alleged shooter Lee Harvey Oswald perched and performed his impossible three shots from a bolt action rifle *cough*bullshit*cough*. Photo below, and eBay link here.

LHO Perch

Perch indeed….more like where he took his direction from the “hobos” on the grassy knoll. Looks like some unregistered user bid it up to just over $3 million so his either a fake bidder upper or the seller is a very clever “let’s take this offline” seller and will save himself an estimated $45,000 in eBay closing fees.

Apologies for the overuse of quotes. Very necessary when we are talking about the JFK “assassination”.

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