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I think I’ll change this up a bit and rant about my favorite sports teams. I have been in this town for 30+ years of my 38.9 years alive. When you spend that much time in one city, and if you enjoy playing/watching sports, it is IMPOSSIBLE to NOT become a fan of the local sports teams. Impossible! I say this because I never at any point consciously made the decision. It just happened by osmosis. When you are in and around it constantly you get swept up in the camaraderie and the emotion of the wins and losses. The wins are so fun and the losses are so not. The thing is…it’s ok if you have a team that can make it all the way once in a decade. I’d love that. I could take some down years if at least we once made it to the big show and won it all. But no. Not in this town.

Here in San Diego it is a constant ebb and flow that takes you almost to the top…followed by a complete ripping out of your heart. Let’s start with the Chargers. Last year, 14-2. Unstoppable. Everything going our way. First game of the playoffs at home and it was practically considered a given. Uh, no. We lost and the town went into a two month depression. Now, we finally get to a point where we have more combined talent than any other team in the league and start this season 1-2. Sure we have a whole new set of coaches but come on. LT, Gates, Merriman, Jamal Williams. The MVP and best RB in the league has the lowest yards per carry and total yards of any RB in the NFL through 3 games. This is just madness. Find a G__ D___ way to get your best player the ball!

The Padres. Listen Padres, either suck or go all the way. If you suck I can deal with it. You tease us with this 7 game win streak then get swept by the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies?!? Name two players not named Matt Holliday. You can’t. Thank G-d we are playing the Giants now. Maybe we can creep our way back into this thing. I have to be honest though…even if we find a way back into the playoffs…and based on the history of our team…we have zero chance of winning a world series against the Red Sox/Yankees/Angels anyway. It would be fun to get there though.

The San Diego State Aztecs. Talk about heart breaking. I am an Aztec Alum. I attended SDSU when we had a potent offense with Marshall Faulk, Darney Scott, Az Hakim…fast, incredible players. Of course we had no defense so we would score 48 but give up 52. I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of times we made it to the precipice only to be knocked off by a bad bounce, a missed field goal, an interception, etc. So sad.

That’s all I have. I’m writing this the day after a horrible SD sports weekend so I’m not even sure if the above makes any sense. Enough of that…back to tech and Internet stuff.

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