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Widget fun

The site with the geek test (posted below) has a few other cool widgets. Who died on your birthday, a countdown timer…how much your cadaver would be worth…you know the fun stuff. Not a bad site except for the sneaky part where they add some weak dating site or cash advance url at the end of the widget generator. You can’t fool me widget place!

Here’s a few I did. First one should make you nervous…a Countdown to Christmas:

Here is how much my cadaver is worth…

$4375.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

Apparently I’m 89% Drunkard.


I beg to differ…I am just a well rounded learned individual that knows many things about many different subjects. Wait, I guess that makes me 99% pompous.

Ok one more…my chances of surviving a Zombie Apocolypse. Finally something relevant!


64% Geek

Bo Fo Sho

MBA’s are overrated

Stop Motion


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